Graphic Novels

Maelstrom: A Prince of Evil (YA, teen)

(May 28, 2024, with Henry Holt Books for Young Readers) Maelstrom is a young half-demon prince whose mother, evil necromancer Lady Renova, conquered a throne for him while he was still a baby. Bored and bemoaning his lost destiny, Maelstrom teams up with his fated nemesis, the Hero of Virtue, to take down his mother – unless he double-crosses his new allies first!

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Sweet, exciting, and immersive: This exceptional fantasy has it all.

-Kirkus (Starred Review)


The Otherknown

(2015-ongoing) A science-fiction webcomic about found family, time travel, and wisecracking robots! …Well, mostly just the one.

Fall Until Summer

(2023-ongoing) A queer drama coming-of-age webcomic about the intersection of asexuality, romance, and friendship

The Aimless Knight

// a Dark Souls fancomic (2019) featuring Dragon Slayer Ornstein and the Nameless King, set before DSIII. Full version available as a pdf from gumroad or as a physical book from storenvy!



Experimental animation-inspired boards for Riley Ranger: Hero of Earth! (2015)


High Fog

A spooky visual novel about teenage friends in a small Louisiana town! Currently WIP with one route complete.